Red Ribbon Week 2017

We had such a huge success with this year's #RedRibbonWeek! This year's theme was "Your Future is Key, So Stay Drug Free." The theme pushed for youth empowerment and to take the drug-free pledge in order to create drug-free communities and to focus on their future goals.

This year, GATE invited Ms. Yvonne Harvey Williams to speak at Seqouyah Middle School's pep-rally. Her inspiring speech which incorporated her life story was so compelling it captured every student and teacher's eyes and ears. In addition, CPACS youth joined together to raise awareness by doing drug-free pledges, creating youth-led activities/projects such as a haunted house, pep-rallies, planting red tulips, door and poster decorating and so much more! We also held a parent workshop to educate parents about substance use and abuse among youth. We were able to reach approximately 2000 students at Sequoyah Middle School and CPACS youth, and reached approximately 1000 people using our personalized Snapchat filter!