About GATE

Georgia Team Empowerment

Georgia Team Empowerment – GATE is a Drug Free Community Support (DFC) program with the mission to engage and empower API and Latino communities of Georgia to prevent underage alcohol, tobacco, drug, and other substance abuse.
GATE is made up of diverse members of the community, including educators, business owners, youth, parents, religious groups, law enforcement, and youth serving organizations.
Founded in 2009, the GATE coalition is the first and only substance abuse prevention coalition that harnesses cultural and linguistic skills necessary to work with diverse Asian American and Pacific Islander and Latino communities.


The GATE coalition mobilizes its members and community stakeholders to implement the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) to ensure the selection, implementation, and evaluation of effective, culturally appropriate, and sustainable prevention activities. GATE implements seven key strategies to ensure effective community change towards preventing and deterring underage alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use.

1. Provide information
2. Enhance skills
3. Provide support
4. Change access & barriers
5. Change consequences
6. Change physical design
7. Modify & change policies